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    2. Wave Soldering Machine KTM-350

      Wave Soldering Machine KTM-350:Machine coverStructureStreamline cover design, the frame is made of thick square tube, the cover is made of 2mm steel plate. There are totally 6 wheels to move the machine easily.Front door structureFully enclosed glass door, transparent,pneumatic hold...

    3. Dual Rail Wave Soldering Machine KTU-350D
    4. Hanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place Machine
    5. JUKI RX-7R Pick and Place Machine
    6. Wave Soldering Machine KTM-350
      • Type:Edge banding machine
      • Country:China
      • Registration Date:2020-06-25 21:02
      • Related Keywords:Wave,Soldering,Machine,KTM-350
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      Machine coverStructure Streamline cover design, the frame is made of thick square tube, the cover is made of 2mm steel plate. There are totally 6 wheels to move the machine easily.Front door structure Fully enclosed glass door, transparent,pneumatic holder to support, ensure the operating and repairing space.Machine top Anti-explosion lampSurface treatment Painted with white colorFlux sprayingSpray nozzle Spray range:20~65mm,adjustable,nozzle height: 50~80mm adjustable,max. flow rate:100ml/minAir circuit Acid and alkali resistant air pipe, the brand is SMC from Japan.Nozzle moving system Step motor to drive, Mitsubishi PLC, with proximity switch and entrance sensor to control, according to the coming PCB’s speed and width, the spraying system can detect and starts to work.Flux recycle system Tray to hold the waste water and flux, can be draw out easily, make maintenance very convenient.Flux exhaust system Exhaust system:stainless steel mesh frame+ double layers filter,recycle the flux to maximum.Isolated air curtain Air pressure type knife, blow the redundant flux into the recycling box, to avoid the flux to enter into the preheating zones, ensures the safety.Spraying box structure Made of full stainless steel, easy to clean and repair. Anti-corrosion, very durable.PreheatingPreheating zone quan. Preheating length is 1800mm, divided into 4 sections, supply abundant adjusting space, very good for big PCB and complicated PCB. Reduce the heat impact on PCB, improve the production efficiency.Temp. control method Mitsubishi temp. collecting module, PID is very precise and stable.Heating parts The heaters are imported from Taiwan, heat up very fast, with long life, small thermo lag; The heat is even in the zones.Preheating power 20kwInstall mode The heating module adopts drawer design, easy to replace and repair, make the maintenance very convenient.TransmissionRail Made of aluminum, wear resistant and without distortion.Rail parallelism Width adjusting accuracy less than 0.2mmWidth adjust Manually/motorizedC/V speed setting unit Min.1mm/min 0-1800mm/minC/V speed variation range Electric closed-loop control, within 0-10mm/minConveying motor TCG motor from Taiwan,90w, with over-loaded protection function.Solder potLow oxidization design High quality solder pot, the heat is very steady. Adopts liquid solder flow design, reduce the impact oxidization, especially for small PCB.Economical running Reduce the power consumptionMoving method MotorizedWave adjustable height 0-18mmWave motor TCG motor from Taiwan,adjust the wave height with frequency conversion.Preheating parts Adopts the stainless steel heaters from Taiwan, with long life and power saving up to 40% daily.CoolingCooling method Adopts high power centrifugal fan, reduce the air bubble and solder pad strippingAutomatic finger cleaningImported premium pump, can wash the fingers from both sides. Propyl alcohol to clean and can be recycled.Control software★Automatic alarm function for failure::thermocouple abnormal,temp. too high or too low;if preheating system or solder pot is abnormal, the heating stops.★Preheating temp., solder pot temp., conveyor speed, spraying and cooling can be controlled separately.★One week automatic power on/off setting (three times one day)★The emergency stops are in front, rear of the machine, press them in case of any emergency.

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