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    2. LED Production Line

      LED Production Line:Product Detail Company Info Quick Detail Place of Origin China [CN] Brand Name BISMT Model Number SMTLINE HS-CODE 8515-31 Package nbsp; Flason Electronic Co., Ltd. : To provide professional SMT automatic production line solution, The company specializes...

    3. Panasonic SMT Assembly Line
    4. 3D In line SPI www.bismt.com
    5. YAMAHA SMT Production Line
    6. LED Production Line
      • Type:Cabinet production line
      • Country:China
      • Registration Date:2020-07-22 11:06
      • Related Keywords:Production,Line
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      Product Detail

      Company Info


      Quick Detail

      Place of Origin

      China [CN]

      Brand Name


      Model Number




      Package & Delivery Lead Time


      vacuum package

      Delivery Lead Time

      30 days

      Detailed Description

      LED Production Line

      LED Assembly Line




      Flason Electronic Co., Ltd. : To provide professional SMT automatic production line solution, The company specializes in SMT chip mounter(New Samsung: SM482, SM481, SM471, Decan-F2 etc); YAMAHA SMT machine (YAMAHA Chip shooter); JUKI chip mounter, Siemens SMT machine, Panasonic SMT Chip mounter, FUJI second-hand SMT machine. We are also sell printing machine, Point glue machine, Reflow soldering, Wave soldering, Automatic plug-in machines, stencil printer, Reflow oven, flow welding, AOI, X-ray, LED automatic die bonder etc, For communication products manufacturers, LED display, lighting manufacturers; SMT, AI materials processing, and other enterprises provide the required equipment or wiring scheme.SMT MACHINE,PCBA production line (SMT printer+SMT pick and place machine+reflow oven)Main newSamsung chip mounter: SM482,SM471, SM481, Decan-F2 etc.YAMAHA SMT machine: YS12, YS24, YS12F, YG12, YG100RA, YV100X,YS24FJUKI Chip shooter: FX-3PAL, KE-3010, KE-3020, JX-350LEDSMT WORKSHOP LINE,LED production line (SMT LOADER+SMT printer+SMT SPI+SMT pick and place machine+reflow oven)SMT Assembly Line(SMT printer+SMT pick and place machine+reflow ovenNEW automatic plug-in machines, horizontal plug, Vertical plug, Bulk LED plug, Reflow oven, wave soldering, domestic, import have lead, lead-free reflow soldering; Wave soldering,Other SMT related equipment: : AOI; X - ray testing equipment t; Semi-automatic and fully automatic printing machine.


      1. Semi auto solder paste paster

      a) Support wide spectrums of PCB size from 50mm x 50mm to 1200mm x 340mm and PCB thickness from 0.6mm to 6mm.


      2.PCB Conveyor

      Function: Transport PCBs Specification: length: 0.5-2.0m        SMEMA avoilable

      3.Pick and place machine

      Full-automatic SMT Assembly Line:SMT Pick and Place Machine

      1) World-leading productivity with the ultra-high-speed rotary headNew development of the ultra-high-speed RS head which is capable of pickup in half the time of conventional rotary heads is achieved due to its industry-first revolutionary simultaneous pickup mechanism.2) High precision, high quality mounting for miniature chipsThe stronger suction achieved via a high-performance vacuum pump allow more stable and reliable pickup performance. Newly-developed Juki Motor-exclusive high-speed side-view cameras check the status of components in real time without loss immediately after pickup and then before and after mounting. The machine to handle 0201-sized miniature chip components and achieve high reliability and high-quality mounting.3) Long term reliability and easy maintenanceThe Pick and Place Machine head is fitted with a filter at the tip of the shaft to help prevent the inside of the head from becoming dirty. Standard provision of a Blow Station enables automatic self-cleaning of the nozzle shaft, reducing the amount of maintenance work required.Additionally, machine stop loss is significantly reduced by the automatic prevention of pickup and recognition errors due to - such as e-Vision, the component data auto generating and tracking system, Smart Recognition, which easily produces complex shaped component data, and Pickup-MACS, an automatic correction system of pickup position.4) One platform, wide flexibilityCapable of working flexibly in a wide range of production formats thanks to (1) the two-typed two-beam layout that can operate with odd-shaped chips as well as the four-beam layout suitable for ultra-high-speed production, (2)the dual lane layout conveyor device able to achieve a wide range of variations.

      4.Reflow oven

      Function: PCB welding.      Strengths: save a lot of labor cost!

      According to the special requirement, we can chose the best suitable for customers.

      such as add computer, rail ect.

      Semi-automatic SMT Assembly Line:SMT Reflow Oven
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