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    2. YAMAHA SMT Production Line

      YAMAHA SMT Production Line:Product Detail Company Info Quick Detail Place of Origin China [CN] Brand Name flason HS-CODE - Package nbsp; 1. High Speed Yamaha Z LEX YSM20Rpick and place machine. Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20R, a new all-around surface mounter*1 that offers the versatility to...

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    6. YAMAHA SMT Production Line
      • Type:Cabinet production line
      • Country:China
      • Registration Date:2020-06-25 23:37
      • Related Keywords:YAMAHA,Production,Line
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      Product Detail

      Company Info


      Quick Detail

      Place of Origin

      China [CN]

      Brand Name




      Package & Delivery Lead Time


      vacuum pacakge

      Delivery Lead Time

      30 days

      Detailed Description

      YAMAHA SMT Production Line

      High Speed YAMAHA SMT Production Line

      Product Features:


      1. High Speed Yamaha Z LEX YSM20R pick and place machine.

      Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20R, a new all-around surface mounter*1 that offers the versatility to accommodate a wide range of production formats with flexibility and efficiency while also boasting a mounting speed of 95,000 CPH,*2 making it the world's fastest in its class (under optimum conditions).*3The YSM20, a leading Z:LEX Series model, offers high productivity, adaptability to various components and superior production changeover ability based on its “1-head solution” concept to accommodate a wide range of component sizes—from super small chips to large components—with a single type of head. The new YSM20R is a high-end, high-efficiency modular mounter that enhances the production capabilities of the YSM20 and joins the series lineup as a deluxe model aimed at boosting competitiveness.With the YSM20R, Yamaha focused on increasing XY-axis speeds and revising the actions involved for pick-up to placement, and successfully improved mounting speed by approximately 5% compared to the YSM20. Also, by improving the performance of the wide-scan camera on the head, the YSM20R can mount components up to 12×12 mm in size (up from 8×8 mm) at high speed, thus improving productivity. Further, the new Auto Loading feeder (ALF) using proprietary Yamaha Motor technology, the “sATS30NS” Auto Tray Sequencer (ATS) for nonstop tray replacement and nonstop feeder carriage exchange system (all available as options) reduce costs and time loss while further improving machine operation rate.The Z:LEX YSM20R will be on display at the 47th Internepcon Japan electronics manufacturing and mounting technology exhibition to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) from January 17 to 19, 2018.

      2. Middle Speed Yamaha YSM10 pick and place machine.

      YSM10 is a new surface mounter*1 that is the world's fastest in its class*2 at 46,000CPH*3, will be available for purchase from February 1, 2017. This new addition to the line-up is a compact, high-speed model with space-saving qualities, and provides a combination of component compatibility and versatility. In addition to the high-end ultra-high-speed modular Z:TA-R YSM40R, and the upper-middle class all-round versatile high-efficiency modular Z:LEX YSM20, this new release enables the YSM series line-up to provide a range of optimum lines designed for a variety of production formats and scale sizes.The YSM10 is newly developed based on the three "Ones" concept and provides 1) a combination of a mounting speed that is number one in its class, 2) a one-head-solution that does not require replacement, and 3) an integration of three models of the YS12 type into one platform.While in pursuit of the ideal concept – a 1-head solution with versatility from small chips to large components, the world's fastest speed in its class, and without the need for head replacement - the new model also has a high-speed general-purpose head similar to that used in the Z:LEX YSM20, and a new generation servo system etc. creating a high-class model with the latest technology.Simultaneously, the specifications of all three current models of the YS12 series have been integrated into one platform featuring the flexibility and mobility of the compact high-speed modular YS12; the partly simplified version of the compact economy-modular YS12P, and the highly-versatile compact modular YS12F.In addition, pickup and recognition errors are suppressed along with reduced loss in machine stoppage due the integration of the common functionalities of the two high level machines, the Z:TA-R YSM40R and the Z:LEX YSM20 with their e-Vision for automatically creating and tracking component data, Smart Recognition for easily creating component data from complicated shapes, and Pickup MACS system for automatic correction of the component pickup position.

      3.High Accuracy A9 smt stencil printer


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